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Career Opportunities

stygianadumbral, Mar 21, 11 6:03 PM.

*Career Opportunities *


Business Development & Licensing

-Manager, Product Planning & Operations, Senior Manager, Global Licensing

Business Intelligence

-Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst, Data and Info Visualization Designer, Data Architect


-FX Artist, In-GameFX Department Manager, Technical Director, Look Dev Technical Director, Matte Painting

Community Development

-Media Artist

Corporate Applications

-Associate Producer, Senior Software Engineer - .NET, Software Engineer - .NET

Creative Development

-Digital Asset Specialist

Customer Service - Planning and Support

-Policy Administrator

Customer Service - Training

-Web Developer/Administrator - Learning Management System


-Financial Analyst

Human Resources

-Human Resources Manager, Senior Human Resources Manager

IT Global Administration

-IT Purchasing Assistant

IT Information Systems

-Associate Project Manager, Associate Systems Administrator

IT Network Operations

-Associate BONS Technician

IT Security

-Associate Disaster Recovery Specialist


-Associate Producer, Localization Language Tester, Brazilian Portuguese Language Tester, French Language Tester, Korean Language Tester, Latin American Spanish Language Tester, Russian Language Tester, Spanish (Castellano)Language Tester, Traditional Chinese

Mac Team

-Software Engineer- Cocoa, Software Engineer- Web & Tools

Next-Gen MMO

-3D Character Animator, 3D Character Artist, 3D Environment Artist – Architecture, Engineering Department Manager, Environment Concept Artist – Props, Franchise Development Producer, Lead 3D Environment Artist – Architecture, Producer – Tools, Senior 3D Environment Artist – Architecture, Senior Producer, Senior Software Engineer-Engine, Senior Software Engineer- Gameplay Interfaces, Senior Software Engineer- Server, Senior Software Engineer- Tools, Senior Story Developer, Senior Technical Artist

Online Technologies

-Lead User Experience Designer, Senior User Experience Designer, User Experience Designer, User Research Analyst

Organizational Development & Training

-Manager -Learning and Organizational Development, Project Coordinator

Platform Technology

-Senior Software Engineer, Technical Director

Quality Assurance

-Associate Software Engineer - Automation Game Tester, Senior Software Engineer- Automation, Software Engineer- Automation


-Lead Producer

Strategic Initiatives

-Graphic Cinematics Trainer- Blizzard Academy, Senior Producer

Technical Quality Assurance

-Application Tester, Compatibility Analyst -Platform Services, Technical Engineer- Tools

Unannounced Game Title

-Software Engineer- Tools

Web & Mobile

-Lead Server Engineer – Web, Mobile User Experience Designer, Project Director, Senior Producer, Software Engineer- Web, Web Front End Engineer

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

stygianadumbral, Mar 21, 11 5:46 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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